Chuan Cuisine

Chuan Cuisine is also known as Sichuanstyle dishes.As one of the eight culinary traditions, it is animportant part of Chinese food culture.It originated in the ancient State Ba and StateS hu, which is now Sichuan Province, and came into form around Q in Dynasty to Three Kingdom sPed iod(221B.C.-280A.D.) . Chuan Cuisine features a wide range of ingredients, varied dishes, pungent and intensive flavors and liberal use of spices. It is not only loved by Sichuan people but also favored by people all over the country.

川菜 川菜即四川风味菜,作为八大 菜系之一,在中国饮食文化中占有 重要地位。川菜发源于古代的巴国 和蜀国,即现在四川一带,形成于秦到三国年间。川菜取材广泛,菜式多变,口味醇厚,擅用麻辣,不 仅为四川人所喜爱,还深受全国各 地民众青睐。

流派 Sub-Styles

Chuan Cuisine consists of several local variations such as Rong, Yu, Yan bang, etc.The Rong cuisine is mainly Chengdu and Leshan cuisine.It is more traditional and includes many snacks, accessible to the common people.Yu cuisine consists of Chongqing and Da zhou food, which tastes fiery and tingly-numbing.It is famous for rapid evolutions, bold use ofmaterials and also knownas Wild Dishes.Yan bang style includes Zi gong and Nei jiang cuisine, featuring strange flavors, suchashotwithnumbness sensation, hot and spicy, and sweet and sour.

川菜有蓉派、渝派、盐帮菜等 几个风味流派。蓉派以成都和乐山 菜为主,小吃多,传统菜品也较 多。渝派以重庆和达州菜为主,麻辣味重,以花样翻新迅速、用料大 胆、不拘泥于材料著称,俗称“江 湖菜盐帮菜以自贡和内江菜为 主,其特点是大气,怪异,以麻辣 味、辛辣味、甜酸味为主。

特色 Features

Chuan Cuisine uses manyseasonings to create various flavors.The spicy and numbing sensations it produces is the most prominent marker.Staple seasoning includes chilli, peppercorn, Chinese red pepper, broad bean chilli paste, vinegar and sugar.By blending them at different ratios, dozens of sauces are made, each with its own flavor, such as spicy and numbing, fish fragrant, litchi,spicy, orange peel, pepper and numbing, sour with chili, and strange flavor.Among which, fish fragrant, orange peel and strange flavors are exclusive in the Chuan Cuisine.There are other flavors, like mashed garlic, ginger juice, soy sauce, five-spice flavor(star anise, fennel, clove, cinnamon and prickly as hand salt) , winelees, fermented soy bean sauce, tomato sauce, and so on.

川菜调味多样,味型多变。口 味以麻辣为最大特色,烹调时多用辣椒、胡椒、花椒、豆瓣酱、醋、 糖等调味,通过调味品配比的变化,可以调出麻辣味、鱼香味、荔 枝味、辣子味、陈皮味、椒麻味、 酸辣味、怪味等诸味。其中鱼香、 陈皮、怪味是川菜独有的味型。除此之外,还有蒜泥味、姜汁味、酱 香味、五香味、糟香味、豉汁味、 茄汁味等多种味型。 此外,川菜烹制方法多,菜式 变化多。

Over 40 cooking techniques are used, sometimes combined, including different types of frying and stir-frying, kep an frying, deep frying, quick frying, sauteing, baking, roasting, stewing, boiling, simmering, steaming, dressing, marinating, and flavor-potting.Among which, xiao jian(sauteing) , xiao chao (slight stir-frying) , gan bian(dry-sauteing) and gan shao(braising) are the most unique.These together help to make numerous tasty dishes.Therefore, Chuan Cuisine enjoys a good reputation that”one dish with one flavor and one hundred dishes with one hundred flavors” .

川菜运用了煎、炒、炸、 爆、熘、煸、炝、烘、烤、炖、 烧、煮、烩、焖、汆、烫、煨、 卤、蒸、冲、拌、渍、泡、烧、油 淋等四十多种烹制方法,以小煎、 小炒、干煸和干烧最具独道之处。 菜肴品种丰富,享有“一菜一格, 百菜百味”的美誉!

代表菜品 Representative Dishes

Mapo Tofu(Sauteed Tofu in Hot and Spicy Sauce) Map o Tofu is the typical dish in Chuan Cuisine.Bean curd beingthe staple ingredients, its taste is fittingly described as numbing, chilli, hot, aromatic, flaky, fresh, tender and soft.It dated back to the Qing Dynasty(1644- 1911) .The legend says that by the Wan fu Bridge of Chengdu, Sichuan g, there was a restaurant.It was owned by Chen Fuchu n, whose wife was a skilled cook. She was called Chen Mapo(Mrs.Chen with pocks) because of pocks in the face. She cooked the most tasty bean curb at the time, and people named the dish after her.

麻婆豆腐,川菜中的名品。主要原料由豆 腐构成,其特色在于麻、辣、烫、 香、酥、嫩、鲜、活八字。相传麻婆豆腐始创于清代,由四川成都万 福桥边一家饭店店主陈富春之妻刘 氏所创制。刘氏面部有麻点,人称 “陈麻婆”她创制的烧豆腐味道 最精,被人们称为“麻婆豆腐”

水煮牛肉 Sliced Beef in Hot Chili Oil

The dish originated in Zi gong, a city of well salt.In ancient times, the poor salt miners boiled the beef in freshwater for food.Later on, red chilli, peppercorn and other seasonings were added to reduce the unpleasant odor and the beef tasted good.With improvement by chefs, it becomes a welcomed local delicacy.

水煮牛肉源于自贡,古时穷苦 的盐工们常把牛肉放在清水中加盐 煮食,后为减少腥味,逐渐加入辣 椒、花椒等佐料,非常可口。后经 过厨师的改良,成为一道广受欢迎 的地方名菜。

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