Gongbaojiding ingredients: chicken legs two;

Gongbaojiding burden: a root of cucumber, green pepper three, peanuts;

Gongbaojiding spices: dried red pepper crusted tuna, pepper a little, green onion, and salt.

Gongbaojiding approach:

1. is soy marinated chicken leg an hour;

2. when boneless chicken leg meat dicing/cubing;

3. green pepper cut;

4. cucumber stuffed dicing/cubing;

5. joined after pepper and minced scallion fried pan tilt oil incense pot;

Eat healthy:

1. chicken on malnutrition, aversion to cold is afraid of cold, fatigue fatigue, menstruation, anemia, weakness and other symptoms has a therapeutic effect.

2. lowering blood lipid effect of cucumber, suitable for diabetics to eat.

3. peanuts contain vitamin e and a certain amount of zinc, memory enhancement, anti-aging, slow down brain function decline, moistening skin;

Food taboos:

1. cream of chicken and CARP while cooking.

2. together with fruits and vegetables, cucumber and try not to eat, otherwise it will affect the body’s absorption of vitamin c.

3. peanut oil, digestion and how consumption when bile, bile in patients with unfit; peanut can promote blood coagulation, thrombosis, so the risk of high blood viscosity thrombosis people or unfit; body cold and wet delay and intestinal slip-discharge should not be taken.

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